St.Marys Group
St.Marys Group

We Assure* you 100% Placement(only for interested students)

For the current year over 480+ have been selected and are undergoing 7 months full-time training out of which 3 months class room; 1 month inter-disciplinary and 3 months field upon which they will be placed. Due to the urgent requirements in the filed of surveying, 70+ students have been trained on a crash course module for a week and are already placed. An additional another 100+ students are required for surveying who will be placed after conducting a ONE week crash course and 75 for Photogrammetry who will be placed immediately after completing the 4 month training program.

For students who have been already placed, we have designed a 12 months part time training program to acquire multiple skill sets in GIS to become on-par with regular 7 months training acquired students. After completing 7 months full-time / 12 months part time training the student has to take an accreditation test by Qison; the company is also keenly working to get Survey of India to conduct the test for which a Diploma will be awarded.

GIS Applications:

The Other Companies Providing Job Opportunities for the students trained in GIS at St. Mary's

Training Modules

Sl.No. Courses Duration[Months]
1 Surveyor 6
2 Photogrammetry Technician 6
3 GIS Engineer 6
4 LIDAR Analyst 6
5 Remote Sensing Specialist 6